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 Project 365: 2013


A photo a day, a color a month, a rainbow year! I joined a group on Facebook to help encourage photographers to take more photos, to develop skills, eye, confidence and creativity. I certainly benefited from it. I want to exhibit all my photos taken during the 2013 365 Project, but the difficulty is how to display so many photos. I had the idea to montage  I had the idea to create a   Montage of all my photos taken each month. The color I have given myself for each month becomes much more apparent. 

These pieces are all about shapes and textures and shades of color specific to the month. Some objects are recognizable. Layering and taking away to create new shapes, and depth. 

It’s very important to me that I only reference from photographs that I have taken. My artwork is inspired solely from my photos and memories, not a stock photography website.

You can purchase these prints via 

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