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 “Most days, the beauty in this world is breathtaking. I can’t help but respond in awe to the Lord through making art. It’s a wonderful adventure, which I'd love to share with you." 

Digital Montage Photography / Digital Photo Montage 

 “Everyone takes photos. We fill our phones with photos of family, friends, the food, the experiences we are having. And what are we doing? Recording our memories. Proof we were there. We share our photos. We scroll back through all those moments and smile as we relive that memory.


 Each new place I visit, I take photos of everything. Once the trip is finished, I upload and edit through my memory cards selecting the best elements. I focus on the moments that pertain to my recollections. And soon a new photograph is constructed. A single image I can enjoy in my home, hanging in a place of recognition for reflection. Those details, my feelings, my reactions to my surroundings digitally captured, the iconic monuments and landscapes, the people and the colors. A visual tapestry woven together for my eyes.   

 Evelyn makes digital collages/montages using Photoshop. She is very particular to only uses her travel photographs to create montages. Evelyn shares her memories and thoughts of that place: how it felt to be in that moment. Often memories are embellished and exaggerated, or fuzzy and missing some details. Memories are not an accurate portrayal of what was/is there. Her finished images are dreamlike illusions: some elements grab the eye, while others recede in the background. Cut, layered, erased, re-arranged photographic pieces; altogether forming a new photograph, a culmination of the memory.

​Evelyn grew up reading National Geographic magazines, animal encyclopedias and watching David Attenborough’s wildlife documentaries, and the wanderlust and desire to travel developed.

Portrait Painting and Drawing

Evelyn paints oil and watercolor. She is inspired by what she sees around her, using her photographs as source material. Evelyn paints portraits; studied from photograph and from life. She draws portraits in pencil and charcoal on paper.









 Evelyn was born into a military moving family, spending her childhood in the USA, Italy, Germany and England. As an adult, she married a military member and has continued her travels, living in South Korea, The Azores, Japan, and the USA. It’s little wonder that the countries she has lived in and the cultures she’s witnessed lend so much to her artistic practice.


 Evelyn currently lives in Texas with her husband and their two sons. She saves all her spare pennies for future travel trips. Evelyn is a homeschooling mother. She is involved in her local church. Her other interests include reading while enjoying a hot cup of tea, the beach, and hiking with her camera. 

 Since graduating with a BA Fine Art from the University of Hertfordshire, UK, Evelyn has completed online classes and courses in traditional painting, figurative drawing, portraiture, photography, marketing, and art business courses.

 Evelyn is a member of the Watercolor Society of Alabama, and Women in Watercolor.  Evelyn has exhibited in galleries and shows throughout the USA, Europe, South Korea, as well as Japan. Evelyn has received national and international awards for her Digital Photo Montages, paintings, and photography. Her photography has been featured in both online and published magazines, articles, newspapers. Evelyn has also written, illustrated and published a children's book based on her time spent in Japan entitled, Kimono Dragon Records. 

 You can order a commission from Evelyn for Photo Montage Art, Portraits, Paintings and Drawings. Email

You can purchase prints through Evelyn’s website store, through

Exhibitions, Awards and Publications​​

  • 2024 Finalist in Splash 25: The Best of Watercolor 

  • 2024 Finalist in National Online Showcase 2024, Watercolor Society of Alabama

  • 2024  Finalist in 1st Annual Women in Watercolor Members Only Online International Exhibition


  • 2023 Award of Distinction in the Fine Art Exhibition, Pensacola Interstate Fair, FL

  • 2023 Animals Show at Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, Everett, PA

  • 2023 What's in the Water Show at ADSO, Fort Walton Beach, FL

  • 2023 Aqueous Open International Show at Pittsburgh Watercolor Society, PA 

  • 2023 35th Cinco Banderas Show at Artel Gallery, Pensacola, FL

  • 2023 First Place in the 39th Northwest Florida Fair Fine Arts Show, NWF Fairgrounds, Fort Walton Beach, FL

  • 2023 Third place in the 2023-2024 Artist's Choice Show Okaloosa Public Arts, Shalimar, FL

  • 2023 August - January 6 Month Rotation Exhibition with Foster Gallery, Miramar, FL

  • 2023 31st Annual Emerald Coast National Juried Art Exhibition, Mattie Kelly Art Center Galleries, Niceville, FL

  • 2023 March - August 6 Month Rotation Exhibition with Foster Gallery, Miramar, FL

  • 2023 Third Place in the Gulf Breeze Local Art Show, Gulf Breeze, FL

  • 2023 2023 Online Exhibition with Florida Watercolor Society

  • 2022 Published educational children's book, Kimono Dragon Records 

  • 2022 Honorable Mention for Portrait Category in the ADSO Art Week, Fort Walton Beach, FL

  • 2022 Internal Dialogue Show with CAA Collage Artists of America, SCORE Southern California Open Regional Exhibitions, CA

  • 2022 Honorable Mention at Artist Choice Awards with Okaloosa Public Arts, Shalimar, FL

  • 2022 Realm of Color Show at Quayside Art Gallery, Pensacola, FL

  • 2022 Honorable Mention at Downtown Pensacola Show, Artel Gallery, Pensacola, FL

  • 2022 Honorable Mention at Affair at Quayside Juried Show, Pensacola, FL 

  • 2022 27th Gulf Breeze Celebrates the Arts, Gulf Breeze, FL

  • 2022 Photo Shoppe Show at Quayside Art Gallery, Pensacola, FL

  • 2021 Children Online Show with Gallerium.Art 

  • 2021 33rd Cinco Banderas Show at Artel Gallery, Pensacola, FL

  • 2021 29th Emerald Coast National Juried Fine Arts Exhibition at Mattie Kelly Arts Center, Niceville, FL

  • 2021 First Place in Digital Manipulation Category with 2021 National Juried Photography Show, Louisville Art Association Photography Show, Louisville, CO

  • 2021 Photography Show at Quayside Art Gallery, Pensacola, FL

  • 2021 Members Show at Gallery 1060, Pensacola, FL

  • 2021 Honorable Mention with 1st Animal at Art Show International

  • 2021 Finalist Award with 1st Animal at Art Show International

  • 2021 Third Place in Diversity at Artel Gallery, Pensacola, FL

  • 2020 Abstractions Exhibition at the Culture Center of Cape Cod, MA  

  • 2020 Third Annual Juried Show at First City Art Center Pensacola, FL

  • 2020 Second Place in Nothing in Nature Clashes, Culture Center of Cape Cod, MA

  • 2020 Exhibition at Prairie Village Art of Photography, Prairie Village Arts Council, KS

  • 2020 2020 Vision Group Exhibition at Quayside Gallery, Pensacola, FL

  • 2019 Honorable Mention with 36th Northwest Florida Fair Fine Art Show, Fort Walton Beach, FL

  • 2019 Honorable Mention with For The Love of Painting category, Gateway International Painting Competition

  • 2019 Manhole Covers of Japan Solo Show at Artel Gallery, Pensacola, FL

  • 2019 Represented at Quayside Art Gallery, Pensacola, FL 

  • 2019 Best in Show in Keep It Movin' Show, Artel Gallery, Pensacola, FL 

  • 2019 Second and Third Place in Photography Exhibition with ADSO, Fort Walton Beach, FL 

  • 2019 Represented at HH Arts Gallery, Fort Walton Beach, FL  

  • 2019 Runner Up with Japan-US Military Program - Jump #HolidaysinJapan

  • 2019 Finalist in Artist of the Year Award & Grant, Circle Foundation for the Arts

  • 2018 Finalist in 'In Motion' Photography Competition, Camelback Gallery

  • 2018 Exhibition at Las Laguna Gallery, CA

  • 2018 Finalist in 'Faces' All Media Competition, Camelback Gallery

  • 2018 Published Artist Interview with Voyage Chicago

  • 2018 Featured with Artist Showcase Winter 2017 with Artsy Shark

  • 2018 Special Merit Award with Light Space & Time

  • 2017 First Place in Digital Creation, Arts&Crafts Photography Competition, Tokyo, Japan  

  • 2017 Exhibition at 2nd Annual Leaves & Petals, Fusion Art 

  • 2017 Honorable Mention with London International Creative Competition, UK

  • 2016 Exhibition at The Artbox.Projects Spectrum Miami 1.0,  Miami, FL

  • 2016 Artwork Certificate of Excellence with Artavita

  • 2016 Special Recognition Award with Light Space & Time 

  • 2016 Special Merit Award with Light Space & Time 

  • 2016 Exhibition at Design Festa Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

  • 2016 Certificate of Excellence with Artavita

  • 2015 Travel Photography featured in Lonely Planet 

  • 2015 Travel Photography featured in Your Shot National Geographic

  • 2014 Logo design commission for All Saints Church, Sawtry, Cambridgeshire, UK 

  • 2013 Exhibition at Changing Spaces, Cambridge, UK

  • 2013 Exhibition at The Boathouse Business Centre, Wisbech, UK ​

  • 2012-2013 Exhibition at Colorida Art Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

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