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62 pages


$15.00 Paperback 8.5 x 8.5 inches glossy pages

$25.00 Hardcover 8.5 x 8.5 inches glossy pages


If you would like a signed copy, please send me a message when you purchase the book.


First, I must give you a warning before you purchase this book. Please note this record follows a terribly large and very green Komodo dragon!

She lives in Japan and is often spotted wearing a kimono. She’s a demure character, usually polite and adhering to the cultural courtesies surrounding herself. She tries to blend in, but always ends up sticking out very noticeably in all sorts of situations.

I have spent some time carefully documenting the activities of our Dragon Lady as she explores various Japanese customs, culture, and festivals. During my observations of the Kimono Dragon, I haven't seen her behave awfully dragonish, but I would urge you to keep precautions, just in case. We shall follow her on her daily activities and errands, which are seemingly mundane; but because she is a large lizard, they are quite a novelty for her, and an adventure for us to observe.

Enjoyed by all ages, particularly for those with a penchant for Japan and large lizards. Learn more about Japanese culture with some new vocabulary. This book is not quite a children's book in the sense that it doesn't have a linear story from start to finish. It is a book of accounts, stand-alone events celebrating the Japanese culture and daily life as viewed by a foreigner.

Evelyn has always had an affinity for Japan; it was a dream come true to live there for 3 and a half years. One day, during her time in Japan, Evelyn's 3-year-old son asked about 'Kimono' Dragons. What was an innocent slip of the tongue developed into the Kimono Dragon Lady within this book.

Evelyn Espinoza is an artist who travels the world, and then makes art about it. She works in digital montage photography, watercolor, oil, and pencil. The pictures in the Kimono Dragon Records are all Evelyn's watercolor works.
You can find out more about Evelyn and her artwork at

Kimono Dragon Records

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