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Create your own, unique Travel Montage featuring your holiday snaps, selfies, family portraits, your travel photos.

Dropbox or email me your photos (even iPhone photos are alright, but your image quality will be limited to 16 x 20 prints, which is still a decent viewing size!)

You will need at least 25 photos. More is always better.

We can discuss the shape of your montage and other details. These montages usually take 1-2 weeks. The examples shown are past custom orders I've taken. You can see the various designs: outline of the country you visited, slices of photographs, photos collaged into a Fleur de Lis.

I will email you updates to ensure your montage is just how you envisioned it! I will make alterations and adjustments should you require them.

Once complete, I will Dropbox you a large JPEG, high Res image of your montage. You are welcome to print your unique holiday memory as many times as you like and different sizes you want, no restrictions!

Soon you will have a beautiful work of art to display in your home. A work of art that is personal and unique to you, portraying your memories and adventures. This is a great conversational starter and a new artistic take on family photos!

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