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Photo Montage Art (a breakthrough)

If you keep head butting a wall, eventually you will break through; of course after enduring mild concussion, taking plenty of aspirin, and supplying lots of determination. I may have reached that point with these most recent works to my Montage Photography Art.

I loved my 2007 Skins piece, and have tried to recreate it, limiting myself to photographs of birds. I loved the vibrant colors and contrasting textures in Skins, and I have tried to recreate those aspects in Birds Of A Feather. But not so successfully, I fear. The finished piece (after days of reevaluating, pondering and reworking) I do not like the end result. It is too busy, too jumbled, and too messy. Yes, the color is there. Yes, the bird feathers are there. The flapping of wings can almost be heard and felt. But, this piece misses the mark.

A few days go by. I come back to the digital drawing board.

An improvement. I narrowed the field all the more, by only using photographs of cranes. What a different feel this piece has to the one above (Birds Of A Feather). The white background and white cranes lend a delicate, floating breeze created by the flapping of the wings. Minimalist and serene, yet a flurry of fluttering centered in this piece. I must have been subconsciously inspired by the Japanese woodblock prints I had been viewing on Pinterest over the last few weeks. I like the almost ethereal, ghostly effect the layering has created. I have erased and taken away more image than I have done yet in a Montage Photography Piece. A slight break through, I think.

I then created this piece; feeling a breeze of my face after knocking through that proverbial wall. Color: check! Texture: check! This piece makes me happy, as do bright rainbow colors. The layering is successful. Images peek through the shapes of feathers and beak. I believe this piece works better than the first, Birds Of A Feather, as the shapes and lines of the feathers fill the piece. The initial Birds Of A Feather piece is itty bitty compared to this Parrots piece. I want to look at this piece for longer than just a few seconds. My eye travels across, and around, and back again.

Do leave any comments below if you agree or disagree, or if you have some suggestions and thoughts I have even considered. Do you react in the same way when looking at these pieces? I would welcome any feedback! :)

2015 will see me embark on an Art Marketing course with The Abundant Artist, and (fingers crossed) see development within my work, my art business, and most importantly, myself, as an artist. I already feel as if I have learned so much; sad to say, more than I did on my 4 year Art degree, particularly in the confidence area. No longer gingerly touching the surface with my artistic toe; firmly planting my foot down! Hey, that may make an interesting painting!

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