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Bird Series: Blue Bellied Rollers

Please enjoy my latest edition to the Bird Series Collection. These little beauties are Blue Bellies Rollers, and they hail from across Africa: Senegal to northeast Democratic Republic of the Congo. However, it was not in Africa I trekked with my easel, and paintbrushes, wide brimmed hat, and, most probably, a guide/translator. No, my trek lead me deep into the reserves of San Antonio Zoo, Texas, USA; with my camera in hand. Yes, this was studied from a photograph.

I am rather pleased with the finished result. They were a joy to paint. I am particularly pleased with the angle achieved of the Rollers’ heads. I like the way they make the viewer’s eye flit from bird to bird. Completed February 2015, when I really ought to have been packing for an imminent flight. But, I really wanted to get it finished.

Bird Series: Blue Bellied Rollers Watercolor on 60lbs cartridge paper 11.75 x 16.5 inches or 29.7 x 42 cm

#birds #blue #bluebelliedrollers #zoo #Londonzoo #branch #watercolor #painting #paper #Africa #Congo #SanAntoniozoo

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