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People Being: xi Praia da Vitoria

It has been rather a busy last two months with moving from Portugal to England to Japan, through Seattle. I've packed up two houses, cleaned like I've never cleaned before, and sat uncomfortably on one too many plane seats! I do apologise for the tardiness of September's newsletter. So late, in fact, that we find ourselves in October.

Another completed addition to the People Being Series. This was inspired from a few photographs taken around different villages on the island of Terceira, the Azores. The festival of the Holy Spirit (Festa do Divino Espírito Santo) beginning in Easter. Each village celebrates by decorating the Spirit House (slight detail in background of painting) with bunting and flowers. Loaves of bread are given out. Traditional folk music and dancing fill the streets, which is what I have focused on in this painting.

And I hope you enjoy my interpretation of such bright and lively celebrations! I love leaving the edges of these paintings as if I couldn't quite capture their movement in time so the paint ran out, or off the page. I think it gives a real swish to those skirts. The backgrounds to my People Being Series are always left as a cool, wispy wash; lacking in depth or color. It is a background, and I don't want too much attention drawn to it.

People Being: xi Praia da Vitoria


9x12 inches (23x30 cm) (A4) watercolor on 200lb.paper


inspired from photos


Do email me if you're interested in this piece or finding out more about this series at

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