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Spring Time Watercolors

I'd like to share with you my latest paintings: landscape painting. I must thank a friend for wanting this commission and thus, taking me into new territory. So here we have some English Countryside scenes, and the progress development of the paintings (featured below).

​There were created using several elements from photos and field sketches. It was more of a challenge for me to envision and plan the scene, as I am more comfortable copying from life and photograph as I see it. The first is a Springtime picture, with sheep and lambs in a field, trees heavy with blossoms, and a quiet little village in the distance. If it were Sunday morning, the church bells would be ringing inviting the villagers to worship. Daffodils blooming near a hedge in the foreground. I can almost smell them!

The second scene is of a winding, calm river moving from within the painting to the foreground and off the page into the unforeseen yet-painted realms. Two swans are enjoying what must be a peaceful life in the water, center to the painting. A little figure sits on a park bench no doubt taking some precious contemplative moments out of life's busy pace. The trees are fresh with new green leaves, and a weeping willow is welcoming the warm Spring sun. A large cottage house sits beyond the trees, idyllically located. A few houses and trees and bushes fill the distant horizon. A sprinkling of bright red tulips, and a daffodil or two peep their little petals over to the lapping waters below.

Both paintings are in watercolor on 9 x 12 inch watercolor 190lbs cold pressed paper. Completed March 2015 It is the best feeling to watch the reaction when a client sees their work for the first time; like the warmth of Summer's sunshine on your back. What a great reward: to bring someone joy and happiness. I don't know of many artists who do it for the money. Yes, we do have to charge. We've all got bills to pay. We can't give it away. If I did it for the money, I would Google most popular selling art, and copy it. I did a craft fair at an air base a while ago, and a passer by thought I would benefit from his, I'm sure, well meant suggestions that I should stop painting portraits and animals; that I should paint airplanes instead. I bet the three other artists within the craft fair who also sold paintings of airplanes would greatly appreciate even more competition, and saturation to the present market! Needless to say, the bee in my bonnet was rather ticked off, and my whiskers did bristle at his not sought after opinions. There's a lot of things I could paint, and paint well; but the joy would not be there, and in the completed work this would be evident. We do it because we love it! Perhaps this will this be the start of some landscape painting for me? While I continue to love my portrait painting and photo montage, this was a welcomed change! Thanks for stopping by, Evelyn

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