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House Of Worship

I get lots of ideas in the middle of the night after my son has woken up, gone back to dreamland, and I'm still struggling to fall back asleep. This new body of Montage Photography work has developed from one of those middle of the night ideas. I love taking photos when I am traveling, or visiting a new place. New scenes, new landscapes, culture, architecture. A subject I realize I photograph a lot is the church: cathedrals, chapels, mosques temples. Not too many synagogues, yet. Spending so much time in Europe, it's little wonder so much of my photographic collection consists of places of worship.

So I'm developing Montages of the shapes the buildings make. Not exclusively line, nor silhouette; but the tops are the most important. The spires of churches. The mosque's minaret. The pagoda. It's the shape I'm interested in, so a lot of the details further down the buildings are of little importance; some, but not the main attraction. The collage I create, one might imagine themselves looking out across a landscape, or cityscape, and see the outlines, and shapes of these houses of worship. With all other buildings erased, it highlights the peace found within these walls, the sanctuary and refuge provided, the worship and solemn reflection. And then I pose the question, what do these buildings mean to you when you see them? Do they mean anything?

Thanks for stopping by! Evelyn

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