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Tiled Terceira

Please enjoy the newest edition to my Photo Montage Travel Art Pieces: a tribute to my time in the Azores; predominantly Terceira with features of Sao Miguel.

After spending a year in the Azores, primarily on the island of Terceira, I have been working on montage pieces to capture the essence of the island.

Tiles are huge in the Azores. Most houses have their family name and/or a patron saint displayed on the wall of their house; made up of 6 to 8 bathroom/kitcken sized square tiles.

This was the layout design for this piece. The images are arranged together as I have seen around the islands.

The subject is the Espirito Santo Festivals each town and village has. The crown, the dove, and the plate held in procession through the streets.

I've taken the idea of tiles further to create a more encompassing view of Terceira. The striking elements. The recognizable. The identifiable. The what makes Terceira Terceira. Flowers: hydrangeas, lilies, sunflowers. Knobbly maple trees: lushious and leafy in the Spring and Summer, knobbly and knarley in the winter. Bull runs, bull fights and matadors. Spirit houses and Espirito de Santo festivals. Traditional folk dances through the streets. The fishing community. Cows: big white and black milking cows, black charging bulls, little brown, and black and white calves in minute little fields separated by stone walls. Stone walls hand made from volcanic rock, from fallen rubble from a horrendous earthquake in the 80's.

I want to give the effect of a tiled mosaic, the likes of which I saw all over the island. But, with a few seeping, overlaying, montage, collage that makes these pieces mine. So, some images are rigid with all sides and corners in tact and sharp. Other images are bled, washed away, and overlapping. It creates visual tension and contrast as the eye moves across the piece. The adjacent and opposite images of similar color or subject also do this. A combination of busy activity, areas of space around the bulls, solid blocks framing the flower and fauna.

So, please enjoy my newest edition to my Photo Montage collection:

Tiled Terceira


15 x 15 inches

$35.00 per print

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