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Craft Fair Review

Another great Craft Fair this past Saturday. Due to space constraints, I only displayed my Photo Montage prints and a few paintings.

A few things surprised me, upon reflection. Customers who have bought from you previously, really do come find you, and purchase from you again! I love the conversations I get to have with customers and admirers of my work. The biggest surprise is they get it! My message; what I’m trying to say, is conveyed! Very cool! Everyone has been very encouraging and supportive and complimentary. It’s a wonderful feeling to share these images with others. And I can see the enjoyment in little visual discoveries as people glance over prints. Then, they stop and really look for a moment, they double back and observe from different angles. It is a treasure to witness. I do enjoy hearing what children have to say about my work, as much as adults. It surprises me when children ask parents to buy a print. Of all the toys and various crafts at a fair, the odd child (let me clarify: infrequent in number, not odd in character!) purchases one of my Photo Montage prints. I ask them why, and they give a reason as descriptive as any adult; they like the colors, they like the subject. Art is art, and you know what you like when you see it. It makes you feel, and you receive pleasure in looking at it. Well chuffed, I am.