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Spring Blossoms

I'm excited to share with you my newest Photo Montage Art! During the Spring, here in Japan, I relished, savored and celebrated the blossoms: Sakura Season. But, I must confess it has taken several months and many failed concepts and compositions before reaching these two concluding pieces. Dreams Blossoming in particular, reminds me of a dream-like world: its very soft in its layering, soft in texture and hue. There are areas of the piece that are pillow-esqe (just made up that word!) and marshmallow-esqe (I do tend to make up words!)

You can purchase Dreams Blossoming at different sizes through my SHOP page.

Each piece is comprised of no less that 30 individual photographs taken around Tokyo: Tamagawa River, Yokota Air Base, and Shinjuku Gyoen Imperial Gardens between April and May 2016. The blossom season is so short, especially when it is hurried on with rain and wind, but I got my photos (my preciousessssss).

You can purchase Spring Blossoms at different sizes through my SHOP page.

Spring Blossoms is a mirror piece to Autumn Leaves 2015: both are 'digitally created' trees; one with bright red leaves, the other with blossoms adorning it. Spring Blossoms has to two little birds alighting on a branch near the top of the piece.

Enjoy and many blessings,


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