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Custom Holiday Photo Montage Work


Welcome to some new Photo Montage Custom Work I've started.

I take your travel photos, your holiday snaps, and make a beautiful, colorful collage with them. When it's displayed in your home, what a conversation starter it will be! A little bit of a Geography quiz: guessing the outline of the country, using the photos as clues! What I love about this idea is that it is subtle. I haven't kept to the outline of the country all the way round. That would be too obvious and boring. Leaving some of the photos in their rectangular form add dimension, direction, and decisiveness. Why some areas, and not others? Visual intrigue and stimulation.

N.B. some of the pieces have faces blurred out for privacy.

We live in an era where photo taking has never been more prevalent: mainly due to that little rectangular shaped device we spend so much time on. We can snap happy knowing all our photos will be saved on icloud, or drives. We don't need to carry a cumbersome DSLR and lens. And isn't this the age of recording everything!

Well, here's a way to display your personal memories. Take your favorites and send them to me in the highest resolution you have (print sizes may be limited up to 16 x 20 inches depending on the pixel quality, but this is still a great size to frame and hang in your home for decor and family photos) Email me your JPEGs and walk alongside me, as I transform your travel photos into works of art. No less than 20 photos, so I can make the best collage for you.

These pieces work on many levels. From a distance, they are bright, colorful art works that enliven the room. They stand alone. They occupy the space on the wall. They also work from close up. There is a lot of detail to explore; searching for individual photographs, and recalling fond, enjoyable memories.

These are personal collections of memories. Vacation photos taken from that hard drive and thrown into a flurry of color and movement! These are works of art. And they are unique to you.

If you are interested in a custom order of your personal vacation photos to be transformed into a unique photo montage art work, please send me an email and I can quote you prices.

Price Guide: $60.00 per montage (digital file only. prints extra) 20 JPEG photographs or more.

Until next time, many bright and colorful blessings


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