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Chipper and Dapper

It's been quite a dry spell, so to speak, with regards sales and promotions. Relocating has had something to do with it. I must confess it has got me down a little. It's a fine balance between doing something you love; when you go too long without doing it, you feel short on oxygen. That's how painting and drawing feels for me. But the business, promoting, selling side of the art can suck the joy out of the creating.

But I can share with gladness a few emails I recieved over this week.

The first was from a company interested in using my Photo Montage collection as fabric print for their products: scarves, tops, handkerchiefs (really thought that the plural was handkerchieves, like thief and theives... but no according to Spellcheck. Another English language stumbling block).

Please check out the website, where you can view some of my art work as print on garments. Vida is "A GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP OF CO-CREATORS, FROM A DESIGNER IN PARIS, TO A PRODUCER IN KARACHI, AND A CONSUMER IN SAN FRANCISCO." Vida works with artists around the world; printing on demand; and giving us creative types can "pursue (our) passions and make an income". Vida's textile factories "provide literacy programs to our makers.They learn to read, write, and do basic mathand build a better life for generations to come."

And they're reasonably priced, too! You may be seeing me wear my art in the months to come!

A business venture I would not have considered otherwise! Love having my eyes opened to new things! If you visit the second link, you can see a scarf with my Autumn Leaves 2015 design. Pretty cool.

The second email of gladness was from an art competition I have forgotten about. I enter so many and it's forget about them, especially if you don't hear back from them (queue small violin playing morose melodies in corner). Out of 400 applicants, my Photo Montage entrees were in the top 50 considered.

A few lines down the email, was the invitation to exhibit within the Artexpo in New York. That made my heart leap. I'm not sure if this will mean a trip to New York, or just shipping work to the exhibition. Still waiting on some details on this, but I'll keep you posted.



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