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Houses of Worship

It's taken many drafts and composition play arounds to arrive at the point I'm at within my Houses of Worship Photo Montage Series. Lots of deliberation, experimenting and re-starts! I've started with European churches and cathedrals. All my Photo Montages start in the same haphazard, excited, wild way. Things emerge striking and sensational, which are then controled and honed-in on in second and third drafts. I give myself rules, and see what develops. It's always an interesting a unique discovery to see what shall be left and waht shall be disposed of. Like a writer, editing his novel; what to say, and what is better left unsaid.

I discovered the desired effect I wanted through erasing the majority of the bottom of these towers, spires and steeples. I want the tops left as they are: with all the detail, tone and line. So many of the photographs are taken from the ground looking up. The perspective is one of a large base, leading up to a vanishing point at the top of the building. We look up at churches. Not too many of us focus on the bottom of a church (outside I am specifically referring to).

UK (test)