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Watercoloring Japan

We moved to Japan in 2015. Our 5th floor hosts a lovely view of Mt. Fuji and the surrounding mountain range. I love waking up in the morning and seeing how it looks. The cloud formations change, the sunset colors, and the sunrise hues: they all share very different views and feels of the same landscape. The time of year also adds interesting variation.

I started making 20 minute watercolor paintings on 4 x 6 inch paper of these different views of Fuji. I guess I was inspired by The Great Wave Off Kanagawa, and the rest of Hokusai's 36 views of Fuji woodblock prints. You don't go very far in Japan without seeing the iconic Great Wave printed on something or other.

These quick, 20 minute, Impressionistic watercolor paintings have become very popular, and they have developed into more detailed, more time consuming paintings of Fuji. I've expanded the view from my window to around Fuji-go Lakes, and Chureito Pagoda, near Fuji-Q. I've painted the different seasons of Fuji. I've also started on some Photo Montages taken around Mt. Fuji.

If you're interested in purchasing this print, you can do so through my shop page.