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Mount Fuji Autumn

This commissioned piece is all about Mount Fuji! Most of these photos were taken at the Chureito Pagoda at Fuji Highland, Fuji Q; at the base of Mount Fuji. I went in the height of Autumn; when the leaves were at the reddest and most vibrant. It is a beautiful sight in the Autumn for the leaves against Fuji. In the Spring, it is more famous for the blossoms at the foot of the pagoda, with Fuji in the background.

In the afternoon sun, they glittered and gleamed like rubies. The red was such a bright contrast between the crisp, blue sky.

The small images along the base of the constructed Fuji were taken at different times of day and year from my apartment window, which is much further away from Fuji. I think it provides an interesting contrast between the close-up photos of Fuji. I like how the blues and grays on the snow of Fuji add texture and distance to the formed Fuji in this piece.

Here's a little video of how I put the piece together.

If you are interested in purchasing a print to enrich your home, click here.

Many blessings,


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