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Mt Fuji and the stars

Welcome to my introduction in to photographing the stars. And what better location than at Mount Fuji. After a week of rain and cloud laden skies thankful, how we were that it was a clear night. But with clear nights come the cool temperatures. I gave up to insufficient clothing attire about 5 minutes before our scheduled time came to an end. I used the long exposure time, of 30 seconds or so, to jump up and down; trying to regain feeling in my feet and fingers. Here’s to hoping the vibrations of me jumping didn’t add to any camera shake.

I used my wide angle lens the majority of the time. I took one or two shots with my zoom lens, but they were too out of focus to share. I kept my ISO at 1600, 3200, and 6400. I took one or two shots with it set at 800 when we first arrived when there was still some waning daylight. My shutter speed was between 15 seconds, 20, 25, and 30 seconds. And the aperture was a wide as can be at f4.

I’m relatively pleased with my photos. But they do nothing to testify to the beauty of the stars. The great thing about waiting for my camera to complete it’s 30 second exposure, is that I can be a star gazer. It was amazing to see layers and layers of stars up there in that velvet blue canvas. As my eye became accustomed to the low light, I saw the bright stars, and then smaller, less bright stars further away. It was truly spectacular.

I think I’m most pleased with my photos with the stars and Fuji, but you must look beyond the grain! I’m still working on that! I love the really bright stars: planets, I’m guessing.

It was interesting to go with a group of photography enthusiasts. We vary so much in our knowledge and ability. Some brought only iPhones. Some had bags and bags of multiple cameras and reflectors and laptops. I observed one of our party merely came for the company and to see the stars. Awesome stuff! I enjoy sitting quietly and listening to the technical jargon being used. I’m reminded of brightly colored birds flapping and displaying their plumage to one another.

Many bright starry blessings,


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