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Three Little Geisha

I started watercolor painting with little 4 x 6 paintings of Mount Fuji and all the glorious sunsets and sunrises I wake up to featuring this perfectly symmetrical mountain. (You can read more about my Fuji paintings here

and here)

Over the last two years I've expanded to other sights of Japan: Kyoto, pagodas, lakes, and geisha. I love geisha; it's high on my list of what I picture when I think of Japan.

So I was very excited to paint this commission: three paintings, three geisha within the traditional Edo style streets of Kyoto.

One side profile, one front profile and one back profile. I paint the geisha within the scene. Yes, one would identify her as the subject of the painting, but I paint her into her surroundings. She stands out no more than the wood panels or lanterns.

These are small paintings: 5 x 7.

Here's my progress videos for Geisha ii, or 'the side profile'

And here's the progress video for Geisha iii, or 'the front profile'.

I do hope you enjoy watching my progress, and the completed paintings as much as I enjoyed painting them. There will be more to come, I'm sure!

If you're interested in a geisha painting, do send me an email to and we can chat details!

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