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Autumn Fuji Pagoda

I like naming my paintings with three words, three names. Sort of zen-ish, or of Haiku-esque.

So here we have my most recent watercolor painting to date. It's featuring the Autumn season. It's got Mount Fuji. It's got Chureito Pagoda. The title had to be Autumn Fuji Pagoda, it just had to! Another Christmas present to be.

Aren't the Autumn colors wonderful?! This is one of my favorite views around the Fuji area. I have yet to see it with Spring blossoms. That will be one my to-go list this coming year, 2018. 2018 is expected to be my last year in Japan, so I shall be savoring each season that passes. We've got a lot of festivals and activities to squeeze in.

I don't do too many 11 x 14 watercolors, but this one is a larger painting. It sits in a 16 x 20 frame with matting.

I often complete my orders with framing. I've worked in a frame shop, previously, and know the colors and sizes and textures to advise my clients with when framing their purchases. It gives the painting he absolute finished look. It protects my work, and, of course, it's ready to be hung and displayed proudly in my client's home: no fuss!

Here's a work in progress video of Autumn Fuji Pagoda. You can see I initially gave Fuji a very small ice cap, but upon reflection, I decided a larger, more dramatic one brought out the majesty of the mountain.

Have a wonderful, joy filled Christmas and a hopeful New Year's!

Many Blessings,


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