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Structures That Shaped Japan

Since I started the custom travel montages for clients, I realized I hadn't actually got a Japan shaped montage of my own! Well, let's remedy that, shall we!

Here's my Japan Photo Montage. I've limited it to the Torii Gates, Pagodas, bridges and Temples of Japan. Lots of vermilion red and some green and gold. I could do a city-scape one in the future, as I have plenty of those photos in stock: full of lights and neon signs. But this one is my traditional buildings ode to Japan. It's simple in it's composition and simple in its structure. I call it Structures That Shaped Japan, 2018. Past tense. Japan no longer is just this, it's one of the forerunners in technology, with cities among the largest in the world. But it was built like this.

This is available for print purchase via my website here.

Here's a progression of the montage.

Many blessings,


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