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Nepal 4.

From the mountain village to Gandaki town, and then on to Pokhara

I woke up early, and enjoyed the peace of the mountain with some masala tea. It was so beautiful up there. Mist came and went through the hills.

The family had a water buffalo and several goats, some chickens and some dogs. Corn and a few other vegetables were growing around their home.

The young girl who was at the pad presentation the night before walked by in her school uniform, umbrella and sporting her new Jansport purple backpack that we gave her. A friend’s daughter (about the same age) donated it for this trip. I’m glad to see it was welcomed. She smiled for me and let me take her picture with her hair braided and tied with red ribbons. She left for school at 7 am and arrived at 10, walking across two hills, weaving through corn fields.

Our journey up had 5 people in the Jeep. Our journey down had 8. We dropped off the mother at the town below and headed to the girl’s sister’s church.

The room was full of young girls and women seated on the floor. We sang a few songs of praise and then listened to the girl’s sister preach on the book of Romans. She did not pause. She did not stop for breath during those 40 minutes.

All in Nepali, she preached salvation, and continuing on in our faith walk. I looked at the faces of the women listening. They truly were. They barely rustled or fidgeted.

Then I shared about how Jesus loves us, redeemed us, calls us His daughters; we’re of worth and value to the King of Kings.

We presented the pads to the ladies. Many said it would be more comfortable than what they were using and less expensive. We chatted with them for a while and took many photos together.

The lollipops were well received. One lady at 28 years old shared how God healed her from a huge cancerous tumor within her liver. She showed us the scar which covered most of her abdomen. We had some lunch and chatted with our friend and her sister.

It was marvelous and humbling to listen to how their ministry is growing. With so little, they do so much. They withhold nothing. Fully comprehending that everything is a gift from God and nothing is entitled.

We said our good byes leaving our friend with her sister, and the worship leader and his wife.

The Jeep party consisted of myself, two friends and the Pastor headed on to Pokhara.

I'll be sharing the next installment of our trip soon!


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