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Nepal 7.


We arrived back at the hotel in Kathmandu about 8pm. The rest of the pads were packed up in suitcases ready for the morning.

Our taxi driver took us to our last contact and drop. We met her in the morning. She helps with giving Nepali women jobs, and teaches them life skills: health, living and employment skills. The organization makes a lot of items for companies around the world; some of which were nice clothes which we purchased after our tour.

The rest of the day was ours. We went to a river and waterfall gorge. It was pretty. I love the trees with purple flowers on them. I'm not sure what they're called.

We walked back up the hill to get a taxi to Durbar Square. This was an interesting sight. and I'm very glad we did pay to walk around. We almost decided against it.

Then back to the shopping area. Our evening meal came highly recommended on a google search. While it was good food, the only Nepali were those working there. Tourist central.


It was a filled trip. The primary focus was delivering pads and the promise of Eternal life through believing in our Lord and Savior, Christ.

Everything else was a visual sensory delight. I’m thankful none of us got sick or injured. I’m thankful we were kept safe and that our travels were well taken care of.

God does love His children so very much, those who know Him and do their best to follow Him, and those who have strayed from Him and don’t (yet) call Him Father God.

I didn’t get to see the Himalayas or Everest, or any mountains for that matter. But perhaps this trip was more about the people I met than the places I got to see.

I hope you've enjoyed my Nepal trip. It was life changing, and I think I will remember it as one of my best travels, so far.

Many blessings,


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