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Manhole Covers of Japan

Welcome to my newest series of photo montage work! This visual idea has been in my head for several months now, and with my pending commissions now completed, I can give my time to this new series.

I love the details of Japan. Everyday things have a beauty in their design. Little cute pictures on envelopes, embroidery on hand towels. I love it!

One of my great delights has been in the manhole covers of Japan. Each district has its own unique picture on them. Some are just gorgeous. I wish I had snapped photos of them as soon as I stepped off the plane in 2015, but I'm rapidly making up for lost time. It's one extra thing to look forward to when we go off exploring for the weekend.

Japan has such beautiful flower seasons and festivals throughout the year, which I have enjoyed and taken many photos of. I decided this would be a good background for the manhole cover design. Using the round design like a stencil or silhouette, I arranged the colorful flower photos underneath.

There's a great contrast between the bold, black silhouette picture, and the variety in color and flora from the background collage.

The first in my latest photo montage series. I aim for twelve round works to this series, but I may extend that number, as I have photographed many square manhole covers with lovely designs to them.

Manhole Covers of Japan: Birds and Blossoms

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There will be more in this series to come!

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