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Baby of Mine

It's been a while since I painted a portrait, almost a year actually. I hadn't realized how much I miss it. After all my photo montages and Japan inspired watercolors, it was a welcomed commission to start this portrait. And I'm working in oils. I love oils.

The photo is monochrome black and white, but I added subtle flesh tones to some highlights on the cheeks, as well as some dark, warm brown tones to the hair. There's a suggestion of warm peach added to the background. I find it just softens the starkness black and white can give to such an intimate moment.

What a moment! Am I right? How gorgeous to share. The pride of a father. The joy of a mother. The wonder of a child. It makes for great paintings when you have a good starting point with your source material. This lovely moment is going to be a surprise Christmas present! Shhhh! :)

Here's a video of the progress. Excuse the unmade bed in the background. Not important! :) This painting took about 7 days from start to finish, not including 2-3 days drying time for the varnish coat.

14 x 18 inches

oil on stretched box canvas


If you are interested in a portrait painting: from photo or from life, do get in touch with me at I ship worldwide.

Many warm blessings,


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