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Dance of the Jellyfish is very beautiful and sensational. Fur however, is a little more haunting. Perhaps because these large felines are decreasing in number. Perhaps because the large tiger head has the slightest cross hatching over its face like that of a cage. This is correct, as I took the photo through the wire fencing of the enclosure.

Fur is full of the lion golden, the tiger striped, and the cheetah spotted. I wish I had more photos of leopards to work with, but they are rare in zoos, and even rarer in the wild to spot. The closest I got to a leopard encounter was having my safari guide tell me there was a leopard in the tree yonder as he watched it through his binoculars.

My camera didn’t blot out the wire completely. I thought it might ruin a lovely shot of the tiger’s face, but when I pulled the image up to edit, I think it adds the urgency to protect these gorgeous beasts. It’s a sobering thought when you realize there are more of these animals in zoos and enclosures than in the wild. Something very wrong.