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Ao Aka Midori

Blue, Red, Green. These must be the three prominent colors of Japan.

Red fills the temples and pagodas, Shinto shrines and Torii gates. It’s part of the national flag. Red symbolizes strength, passion, self-sacrifice, and blood. The little girl’s face is fully made up as a Geisha. So much of her kimono was red and pink.

Blue is seen in many men’s Yukata and kimono patterns. Blue indigo dye. The color of fidelity, coolness, and passivity. It’s an extremely popular color for business suits and school uniforms. This gentleman’s aged face is stoic and raised; held with quiet dignity.

I think of Green Japan during the summer months walking through bamboo forests, maple tree leaves, and cultivated pine trees. Matcha and green tea to refresh and revive oneself. A respect and an enjoyment of nature. Youth, eternity, vitality and energy. The Geisha’s kimono was green and filled with maple leaves. She performed several dances in honor of nature.

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