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Manhole Covers of Japan

The fifth in my series: Kingfisher Water Wisteria

Spring has sprung both here in Florida and in Japan, where my heart still resides. Here in Florida we have some cherry blossoms, and some beautiful purple blossoms of the Jacaranda tree. Currently in Japan, it’s the season of Sakura blossoms. Very soon the gorgeous wisteria will be blooming. I’ve been adding to my series Manhole Covers of Japan with a cover design from Takahata in Hino, Tokyo, Japan. I visited the Takahatasan Buddhist temple for the pagoda and red bridge, but the manhole cover design for the area was an added bonus for my collection. The kingfishers face each other with the movement of water flowing between them. I added the rich purple wisteria as the colorful background to contrast the kingfisher silhouette.

The last few of my series have had black backgrounds. The circle image sits in the black square. I tried it, but I didn’t feel this worked for the kingfishers and wisteria. For this piece, the background is the wisteria: close ups of the blossoms with some green foliage complimenting the purple. The kingfisher cover design sits on top, showcasing the deep dark purple wisteria and the magenta-purple wisteria.

It’s a favorite of mine as I reminisce a great time at the Ashikaga Flower Park. If you haven’t already been, do go! It’s well worth it. The wisteria flavored ice-cream draws long lines of eager visitors. I haven’t been to the park at night when it’s all lit up, but I dearly wish I had gone. The photos look amazing! It smells so good there. It’s about an hour and a half from Yokota. I’ve attached the link below if you’re interested.


I love the way the texture of these manhole covers turn out. I thought about making them supremely neat and tight in their lines, but then it might as well be a blueprint of the manhole cover. It's important that it still looks like a manhole cover. I'll keep the rough edges.

I'll send you a link once I get this latest work up on my shop page.


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