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Matsumoto Bookshop

Matsumoto, Japan hosts a number of fun and unique things to do and see.

One place, in particular stands out in my memory: the secondhand bookshop, Seikano.

In the 1950's, it was designed to look like the Matsumoto Castle.

What makes it look like it escaped time passing, are the tall, much more modern buildings sandwiched on either side of it.

I couldn't pass up a photo with my son in front. This was taken in 2018.

Here are the progressions of the painting. Watercolor and Gouache on 12 x 18 inches cold-pressed paper.

I picked a simple color scheme, and minimized the details in the yellow buildings. The focus is on the details of the antique bookshop nestled between modern monoliths. I put my son in the painting, reading a book as that seems fitting.

'Matsumoto Bookshop'

12 x 18 inches

watercolor and gouache on cold-pressed paper

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