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Portrait of Korea

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

My heart aches still, just a little, for the ROK. It was one country I never thought I would visit, let alone live in for two years! I am used to traveling and exploring different cultures, but Korea was such a change to Europe! For the first several months, I struggled with the food. I missed bread and cheese so much. Korea does have nice bread and cheese, but they are expensive. Now, I need a Korean food fix regularly. I ate so much Kimchi Chigae when pregnant. It was two wonderful years of great personal growth, and wonderful adventures.

The woman was in traditional Hanbok singing at a cultural village in Suncheon, Jeollanam-do, in the south of South Korea. She was on show for visitors. I was walking by her thatched roof house when she came out waving her fan and singing.

The montage is filled with places and seasons, historic structures, statues, and monuments. The rugged mountains and skyscrapers. I have not included too many people in this portrait. Perhaps I will do another Korea portrait with more people constructing it.

This Digital Photo Montage print is now available for purchase via

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