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Portrait Of Korea i

This Ajumma (middle-aged woman) was sitting on the ground waiting for the bus, just as we were. I was standing near her, but she beckoned me to sit down next to her so she could chat to me. I understood nothing of what she said, but I hoped my facial expressions and responses were appropriate and respectful. Check out her awesome purple, jelly slip-ons. She is rocking them! Not me. I wore the largest but one size for women's shoes. It was hard not feeling like a troll among petite fairies when clothes shopping. And they have such cute clothes.

The people of this montage are a collection of my festival photographs. The Jindo Sea Parting, a wedding in a park, New Year’s Day celebrations, the incredibly packed beach of Haeundae Beach in Busan. Hikers resting on the mountain, elderly waiting for the bus, palace guards at Gyeonbokgung in Seoul. The women selling fruit and vegetables in Shinae (downtown).

This print will be available for purchase soon via my page

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