• Evelyn Curry Art

Portrait Of Lesotho

What a fantastic tour this was. It began with a bumpy start: the tour bus broke down on the way. What was supposed to be an all-day tour was cut short into a half day tour, waiting around for a replacement bus.

None the less, the views were incredible. Bright blue skies over luscious green hills and mountains. The village was a treat. The children were delightful. They were familiar with tourists, and cameras. Barely any reserve or shyness. At ease for the attention of tourists with cameras and conversation. Each little rambunctious soul wanted their photo taken, and then checked the back of my camera screen to check their photo. If it wasn’t pleasing to them, they made me take it again. They zoomed in and scrolled through my photos. One was very anxious for us to notice his excavator toy. Their facial expressions were hilarious for the sake of photos, with so much energy.

One woman took a liking to my headband. She wanted me to swap with hers. I laughed to humor her, but she was serious. Let’s swap, she gestured. I didn’t, but upon reflection I wish I had. It would have been easy enough for me to get another one, and it would have been a great story to tell.

This print is available for purchase via Imagekind.com

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