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Portrait of Vietnam

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

This little girl’s intent stare captured my lens. She dressed to impress the stream of tourists passing through the Sapa mountain villages. The girls had little keychain trinkets for sale. Her expression clearly states she does not love her occupation. I received no smile when I attempted to interact with her. She was tired. Too many tourist and not enough sales, I am sure. The weight upon such young shoulders. We did the tourist thing, and wore the traditional garb during our walk around the villages. I know those headdresses and necklaces are not comfortable. A few other children enjoyed having me take their photo and then show it to them through the camera screen.

The montage consists of landscape scenery, historic icons, and people. I like to think this child is wearing her culture. Representing.

This Digital Photo Montage print is now available for purchase via

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