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Time Stills For Books

I did very much enjoy how this watercolor and gouache painting, 'Matsumoto Bookshop' turned out. However, I decided to expand upon the idea of the bookshop to include more of the surrounding buildings and street scene.

I changed the perspective of the bookstore. The viewer is further away. The bookshop appears smaller (still significant because of the way it looks in comparison with all other buildings on the street).

Progression of the painting.

The busy pace of life around the bookshop has been expanded upon. The height and angle of the yellow buildings on either side of the bookshop are displayed in their height and entirety up to the sky.

The cars and passers by are blurred in their constant movement. The tourists and shoppers are painted with limited detail. One passerby glances over, engaging with the viewer (you) momentarily, wondering what you are looking at. What is catching your eye.

Everybody is moving, except a small boy standing outside the bookshop; the bookshop that has stopped in time. The boy enjoys the moment reading a book.

'Time Stills For Books'

18 x 24

watercolor on cold-pressed paper

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