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Twelve Best of Japan

I've painted many little watercolors inspired by Japan during my (almost) three years here. My time here is now on countdown, and I'm not quite ready for the next location yet (still unknown). But to celebrate my artistic time in Japan, I'm working on my 12 Best of Japan. The scenes I enjoy visiting and photographing most, and the seasons I enjoy painting most.

So far, I've completed four of the twelve.

The originals are 6 x 9. This is the first time I have made prints of my art work. And there are several reasons for doing so. I'm struggling to keep up with the demand, which is a good thing. A very good thing! Don't get me wrong. For example, two of these four original paintings have already been sold, and I know there were several interested collectors who wanted to purchase, but didn't get their purchase in time.

Prints provide a good quality likeness to the original, at a much lower price. You can frame a print and have a lovely work of art to decorate, and bring your home together. My work is more widely available to my collectors and buyers. Limited Edition prints keep the value of the original painting high and of worth. This is especially so when the prints sell out.

Only 25 prints will be made of each painting. Prints allow more of my collectors and buyers to own complete series of work. The originals sell for $100.00. The prints sell for $3.50 each.

They will be available for purchase via my shop soon.

Many blessings the land of the Rising Sun,


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