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Vietnam Illustrations

Please enjoy my sketchbook series of illustrations in pen based on my travels through Vietnam.

The intricate details in the traditional dress of the Sapa villagers lends itself very well to pen. The red highlights add just a touch of color to the high contrast black against the stark white background. Many beads and feathers in the headdress. Lots of geometric patterns in the skirts. Highly patterned dyed indigo cloth with unique traits.

I love the expressions in their faces. It's not an easy life, and I've definitely captured that. But in the midst, there are moments of great delight looking at self-portraits in my camera, moments of solitude enjoyed, a smile exchanged.

These portraits are 5 x 5 within a sketchbook. Some illustrations are spread across two pages.

I hope you catch a glimpse into some of the peoples I encountered while visiting Vietnam, and you enjoyed their story.


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