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This COVID-19 Quarantine has given me the time to weed my back yard. My social life (what little there was of it) has come to a halt, so there’s no excuse not to get enjoy the beautiful sunshine and get some much-needed weeding done. I have a small square of grass and its been neglected over these winter months. My three-month-old has also been a distraction from the lawn.

Let me iterate that I am not a gardener, not by any means, but I could see that most of my lawn was weeds. There are still a lot of weeds, but after three hours my back had had enough! I pulled up the weeds by hand mainly because I don’t have any weed killer, and I kept telling myself, its good exercise!

So much of my lawn is dead. I could not believe how effectively weeds can choke the grass. Some weeds are easy to pull out. Others require two hands pulling and heels dug in firmly. Many of the weeds grow horizontal, weaving in and out of the grass and other weeds making them impossible to spot standing from my backdoor. I end up pulling so much dead grass up along with the weed roots.