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 I was going to add this 6 x 9 watercolor painting to my series, ‘Best of Japan’. It fits the criteria; right size and subject. But I already have a lantern painting in this series. So ‘Yomatsuri Lantern’ is the first in a new mini series centered around lanterns.

My second painting is inspired by the fabulous lanterns of Hoi An, Vietnam. Shock! It’s not of Japan! I can’t remember the last time I’ve painted anything non-Japanese. My heart still resided there, in a small house in the country, with balconies and miniature gardens filled with potted plants.

‘Yomatsuri Lantern’ is one of the only paintings I have of men in Yukata. I have painted many geisha and women in kimono, but this is the first composition that inspired me to paint it. I can’t get over the back of the heads! I love it! I love that the viewer of the painting is looking through the crowds. The point of interest, the float full of lanterns is out of focus in the background. It is the row of men in their magenta pink Yukata, one holding a lantern that is the focal point.

‘Yomatsuri Lantern’ is for sale through my website. $100.00 unframed

Click the link to purchase the original Yomatsuri Lantern

Prints are available through

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