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Design Festa Gallery Exhibition

Today one of my Photo Montage pieces went up for exhibition in The East Design Festa Gallery, in Harajuku, Tokyo (near Shibuya and Shinjuku area). This is a great location; down the road from Harajuku station, passed the busy shopping street, and in a more laid back area.

The gallery has a lot of rooms available for exhibitions; some small rooms, some very large! This is a new gallery for me, so I am only exhibiting one piece of work, but I am very pleased with the location within the gallery: right in the entrance way. As a visitor, you must pass it to get to Information, and to all the other work exhibited. I must say my pieces Autumn Leaves 2015 is a great size for the space and the colors are certainly attractive and eye catching. Fingers crossed it receives good attention, and ultimately sells!

Its exhibited for the month of July. After that, we shall see about renting out a larger space for a collection of my work. I shall keep you all posted on that!

A huge thanks to my ever patient husband and son, who went with me despite the extreme heat and humidity.

Many sunny blessings,


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