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Manhole Covers of Japan

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

The third in my series: Fish River Koinobori

This is my latest Manhole Covers of Japan series. I've developed this series a little by adding the black background. It provides the simple background contrasting to the highly busy, vibrant photos the fish bring.

This piece is all about fish! Fish swimming on the manhole cover. Koi fish windsock streaming in the background: full of color and movement. And a few stray Koi fluttering across the scene. Some above the silhouette design. Some as though they are leaping into the circle to join the other carps.

I've collected several windsocks during my time in Japan; mainly from the antiques guy across the street who gives me a free Koi windsock whenever I purchase something from him. They're all hanging from the netting over my balcony bringing some color to my windows.

I cannot remember which city/district this manhole cover was from.

Below is a video showing the progression of this piece.

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