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Nepal 5


We headed to Pokhara: a tourist heavy city; with outdoor activities of hiking, trekking, adventure sports and shopping. We spent the evening walking down by the lake and enjoying dinner together.

The pastor headed back to the hotel, while we did some shopping. Our plan was to paraglide in the morning, but the weather wasn’t good enough and it was canceled. Our backup plan after a delicious vegetarian brunch was renting mopeds.

I gripped the back of that thing and my friend’s shirt for dear life. It’s the other drivers I worry about. But I did find myself enjoying the ride after a while. The pastor took us to a cave and waterfall.

It was very beautiful, but a sad story accompanied it: a couple were bathing and the man fell, his wife tried to pull him up, but they both fell to their deaths. It’s called the Devi’s fall after them.

Then we went to the mountain museum. On a clear day, you can see the Annapurna mountain range above the tall, green hills. But we didn’t see them during our stay at Pokhara, so the museum helped compensate a little, with photos.

There was also different tribes of Nepali people and all the mountaineers who had reached the summit of Everest.

I'll be sharing our next day in Nepal soon!


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