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A.I. Sand Pipers

Digital Montage Photography

Each one of these delightful little Sand Pipers is unique. They may look alike as they scurry across the sand with their little legs moving in a unison blur, but they each have their own wonderful DNA; not to be duplicated or replicated. Just like us.

But artificially, I have reproduced these little birds. The original photograph consisted of around 12 birds. Using Photoshop, I copied and pasted many replicas of the same Sand Pipers. With multiple layers of the same photo, I have presented an illusion of a superfluously fast and "flurry-ious" flock of birds. Real birds copied and recopied.

Many laborious clean up tasks are reduced to the effort of clicking a button with different A.I. programs. This photo montage was not produced with the click of a button. No. Many, many, many buttons clicked and re-clicked to produce this image. I could have created this montage in minimal time and a 'simple' click of a button. But that isn't my point. I purposely spent a long time creating this image, with the hope it looks like it was taken as a snapshot: a quick moment in time captured.

Then upon looking a little closer, perhaps you will see the replicas. The copies. The exact same bird in a loop. The glitches in the system. The copies will never be the original. My creating falls short of the Original Creation.

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