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Fan of Japan

Pinks from the lightest and most delicate shade, to vibrant magentas. Dark purples and blues with white flower sprigs. Red with gold decoration. Pale Summer greens, and soft Spring yellows. Black with bold gold and copper details.

I have snapped away at every kimono I have seen. They are so pretty, and part of me wishes it was my culture to wear kimono and not look like I’m going to a costume party.

I love the colors and prints. These lovely ladies look like living flowers as they stand for photos in Senso-ji Temple, Asakusa, Tokyo.

As I am such a fan, the idea of a folding fan popped into my little cranium one evening. Most ideas blossom into my head just before I go to sleep, and then I pumped and the creative brainstorming starts, and it’s normal a good hour before I wind down, able to go to sleep. Just the way of it!

Each section of the fan is a different young lady, a different kimono, or (lightweight) yukata. From left to right we have reds merging into pinks. Pinks dancing with purples. And purples nudging blues. Most photos were taken around Asakusa; mainly Senso-ji Temple, and Kamakura. There are a few from Gion in Kyoto.

The smaller section of the fan starts with dark, vivid prints from left to right. Right finishing with a woman in the white, wedding kimono; taken at Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine in Kamakura. A beautiful shrine and gardens for wedding photos. I have still to walk around all of it! We ran out of time.