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Fuji Views cont.

I have really enjoyed this series. My little 3 x 5 inches watercolor paintings; completed within 20-30 minutes. They have been very popular, and subsequently, I only have one or two unsold, at this point! I am painting more, though.

I want to share with you some of the framed completed paintings, and my most recently painted ones.

Blue Line Mountain watercolor painting

Fuji Views: Blue Line Mountains 2016

Fuji Views: Fuji View 2016

Tree and Sunset watercolor painting

Fuji Views: Tree And Sunset Mountain 2016

And here's some (now) sold paintings in their frames. Farewell, little paintings. I love to see my work appreciated, and going to a good home, but a tear or two is shed upon the parting. It's because they are original paintings (or drawings) and there will never be another exactly the same. Blood, sweat and tears. Vision, creation, completion.

Enjoy, and many blessings!


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