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Merited Good News


I am delighted to receive the news that my Photo Montage piece, 'Crane' was selected for the Special Merit award with Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery in the Nature 2016 Online Art Exhibition - Part 1 - Overall, Special Merit & 3D Art Categories Competition. In the YouTube video, you can see my artwork at 3 minutes 11 seconds into the video.

This was the art piece selected: Crane

And this was my certificate:

And here's another link to the list of artists who won the grand prizes and those of us who were awarded Special Merits.

You can scroll down and see my name, entry, and website through this link.

So much of my time is spent uploading artwork to various online galleries for viewing and selling prints on demand. So much of an artist's time is spent searching for suitable competitions to gain recognition and notice for our practice. So many of our emails are filled with replies of, Sorry, Not This Time, But Thank You For Entering. It is often disheartening and disappointing. There is a lot of time and money put in to this whole networking shenanigans. I think most of us creative types would much rather stay in our studios and create our work, and pay someone to do the marketing, business side of things. One day, my friend, one day. It's very much a case of utilizing the left and the right side of my brain!

So, in those moments when some merit is awarded, it's like jet fuel for my confidence and therefore, my practice. And of course, I'm so thrilled to share the news!

If you see me, I shall have a smile on my face for the rest of the day



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